Celebrating 2020

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What a year it’s been so far.

As we move into Autumn with darker mornings & even darker evenings it’s easy to think that we’ve lost most of 2020 to the pandemic.

There’s  no doubt that we’ve all faced challenges & we’ve all had to make sacrifices, but we’re determined to remain focused on the positive stuff.

We’re seen a significant reduction in pollution throughout the lockdown with less road & air traffic.

During the dark evenings there’s been a noticeable increase in the number of stars visible.

We’ve had the opportunity to spend more time with our families, & the lockdown weather gave us the opportunity to sit out in the garden.

Here at Berry HQ although we haven’t had the opportunity to see you all at the shows, festivals & markets that we normally attend, we’ve used this time to work on some new product developments.

2021 will see the introduction of a new gin, & we’re giving our bottles a makeover. Don’t worry though, we’re not loosing any of our existing range & our gins & liqueurs will always be handmade & hand bottled.

We’ll also be introducing a monthly subscription service, so please watch out for that.

This doesn’t mean we’re giving up on 2020.

Over the next few months we’re increasing our online offer & we’re launching our podcast & we’ll let you know when.

We’d love to hear about what you’ve been up to over the last six months.

If you send your stories & photo’s over to us at [email protected] we’ll share them in our community.

Take care, stay safe & we’ll see you soon



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