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Simply splash our amazing Rhubarb Vodka with chilled Prosecco or your favourite sparkling wine add a dash of lemon juice, serve in a tall flute and garnished with a couple of lemon twists.

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50ml Blackberry Whisky Liqueur 

Apple Juice 

Ginger Ale 

Chopped Apple 


Add some ice to a high ball glass 

Pour in the blackberry whisky liqueur 

Half fill the glass with apple juice and top with ginger ale. 

Add some chopped apple for garnish 

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1/2 carton of apple juice

1/2 carton of cranberry juice

1 orange chopped into chunks

1 cinnamon stock snapped in half

2 star anise.

Mulled wine sachet


Heat through in a pan and serve with extra orange slices

Add a shot of Blackberry Whisky or Raspberry Gin for a delicious mulled winter warmer. 

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